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Age groups: from 6 year old to adults

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Koding Next is a programming school for Kids and Teenagers. However we also offer classes for other age groups. In Koding Next, we believe that anyone can learn how to code. We believe that coding is an essential 21st century skill, which can also benefit the intellectual growth of our children. By developing our program closely with local and international experts in the programming education world, we bring a wide array of courses that will not only benefit our students intellectually, but also pique and satisfy their interest in the digital world. We constantly keep up with the programming education trends and update ourselves with the newest tools available. Our teachers are not only equipped with the essential coding knowledge, they also possess the skills that require them to effectively impart their knowledge. We provide a warm and creative environment, with state of the art facilities to encourage better learning.
Koding Next offers also courses:
  • Koding for Schools
  • Koding for Businesses (In house or in KodingNext loations)
  • Koding for Others : Morning classes for Mothers, University students, Organisations, Arisan, Clubs and whoever wants to learn Koding
  • Koding for Chairty and Community

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Our age-groups

In Koding Next we strongly believe that anyone can learn how to ‘code’. We offer our programming classes for the following Age Groups:

    4-8      year old


Yes! Children as young as 6 can start learning how to code and become LittleKoders. Our classes are play-based: we use educational games and robots to teach children logical and algorithmic thinking. Students will create their first interactive animations and programs for robots. read more

8-16  year old


JuniorKoders experience everything that is fun and inspiring in technology. They start with coding animations and games, programming robots. Depending on their interests, their next step is creating their own website, mobile app or 3D design and many more. read more

   16+      year old


We will guide you smoothly through your first code and take you to the next level. At Koding Next you can follow the path you choose. Become a front-end programmer, design 3D games or learn all about hacking and many more. read more

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