Learning how to code used to be hard and boring. Now it’s hard and fun. How did it happen?

4 August 2017
Computer programming is like playing chess: once you learn what is what and why this figure can move like this, you start to enjoy the game. But it’s hard to teach today’s children how to play chess when they can play computer games. And it’s similar with coding: once you know it, you enjoy solving riddles, logic traps and everything it can offer. But it’s hard to make children get focused when they can do so many different, interesting things.  Let’s take a look how coding looks like: colored-logging-2858a7fe3841a44dba292efcad7055d3 Console with commands, where you first need to learn what is what, has its own syntax and you need to wait long to see any effect. It wasn’t for everyone. Luckily, today we have great programming languages like Scratch: Scratch_2.0_Screen_Hello_World It’s colorful and immediately children can see the effect of coding. It is great because it gives the small dose of satisfaction basically like games can. This is why and how we can easily teach basics of coding 10 years old or younger children. But hey – programming is changing. Building applications today is easier than even 15 years ago. Now you can combine ready lines of codes and build faster. There are also new, friendly environments.   For example, Google has made a friendly environment to make applications. Programming language being used here is Java, but you can see results of your work faster than ever. When your application is ready, you can also easily check how it’s going to work on every popular device. Here we have Nexus types example: Multi-Screen Preview Simply, you can test many devices in few hours. Years ago it was a job for a team of developers. It’s easier than ever to learn how to code and participate in global business and education change. Start now, we need more programmers!  

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