Fort students aged 16+ we offer ProKoders intensive courses. Total length of one intensive course is 4 sessions (2 weeks). Each session is 2,5h, there are 2 sessions per week. Static Web Students create their first static website. They learn the structure of HTML, CSS properties, and responsive website with Bootstrap. They develop design and web layouting skills. Dynamic Web Students create a dynamic website. They will make the website with WordPress CMS. They learn the structure of web hosting, server, basic of database, and security of WordPress. E-Commerce Students create an e-commerce website. They will make the website with Woocommerce Plugin. They learn how to add and manage the products, report, the payment for products, and shipping of the products. Web analytics Training in advanced level of website marketing business and develop students’s comprehension of data analysis including general understanding of growing an e-commerce business. Training with webanalytics consultants in partnership with an international Japnese Website Training, WACA. Coming soon: Mobile Apps Basics Augmented Reality Virtual Reality 3D Print A.I

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