How we hack education and make children want to learn.

How we hack education and make children want to learn.

Why children who don’t like to learn like learning coding?

You know what is more fun than learning math or biology? Play computer games. Even some adults like playing game more than learning math or biology. Games is fun and you get instant gratification because when you finish the challenge, you will get a reward. Every game has the same construction: you must take a challenge to go to a next level or finish the game. On the beginning it will be easy, you learn how to control and play it. But on the next level, it will get harder, and sometimes you will even fail. But somehow it’s exciting and after you pass the difficult part of the game, you will get a satisfaction feeling and addicted to it.

Playing game is similar to coding. At first, children will learn how to create a simple animation. With Scratch, they will learn how to control the cat character through the code they make. They will also get the satisfaction feeling if their cat moves according to their code. It’s easy at first, but after they move to the next level, it will be more challenging gradually. So this is how we created lessons: like levels. Yes, it gets harder and harder, children need to focus. But again, it’s same just like games. Just remember how games look like, when they are playing on hard level, it will stimulate their brain to try more and complete the challenge. Even there will be some moment when the animation doesn’t move like we want. But it’s also a challenging part, just like game, when we can’t complete the level. It makes us want to try more and find the bugs to fix it and complete our animation. The more complicated the problem, when we fix it, it gives us a bigger satisfaction feeling.

There are some parts of game that is not similar to coding. Yes, both of them give us a satisfaction feeling. But with coding, besides the satisfaction feeling, you learn new knowledge. We want to teach children to not always be the consumer, but also be the creator. And the great part is playing game and coding have the same satisfaction feeling when you finish the challenge. It’s like playing while learning, the best method of learning for children. Not only learning new knowledge, coding teaches children to solve various problems with many methods. It teaches them that a problem can be solved with many methods and it will be useful not in coding, but other subjects like math, physics, and even for everyday life.

So it’s a great thing to teach children how to code. It stimulates your brain to learn more, problem solving, decision maker, and it’s also fun like playing game. It’s one of the best method to teach children because children get the reward, which is the satisfaction feeling.

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