Example of many 3D printing usage: home interior design.

There are so many ways how digital skills might be useful, that sometimes our imagination spot it’s own limits. 3D printing is one of those new technologies, ignored because it is not so “new” anymore. We know, we can have various 3D printers, but how can we use them? Let’s focus on not – obvious example: home interior design. What if instead of ordering furniture, you could print it, or some parts only? Let’s take a look at this example:

This part was perfectly designed: size, shape, and holes for screws. What is it gonna be? Here is one more design:

Now, here we have those printed models attached to a desk:

And here we have the final result! Customized shelf:

This particular design was originally uploaded here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2384821 Click and become a fan, because there is already community o designers sharing their work. Would you like to have skills like that and design whatever you need? Just come to Koding Next and start your adventure with coding and rest of digital skills. We teach basics of 3D design even children in JuniorKoders (age 8 – 12).

The usage of this technology is countless and limited only by imagination!

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