Can girls code?

Oleh 13/05/2020 No Comments

The quick answer is yes: Girls can code, so do Boys. In Koding Next we believe that ANYONE can learn coding if they really want to. Of course coding tends to attract more boys than girls and men then females but we believe that both genders can successfully learn how to code. We know that some of the fields in general pull mostly one gender (kindergarten teachers tend to be females while miners tend to be men) but we believe that coding gives equal opportunities to both men and women.

We mix both boys and girls during classroom activities and do not offer ‘girls only’ classes because we believe that working together with members of other gender teaches students understanding, open-mindedness and tolerance. Coding is a great skill that both women and men can use in their professional fields. We believe that both female dentists and male architects should learn about coding. It is a language of the future after all. 

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