Cyber security

Oleh 31/05/2021 No Comments

According to the Indonesian government data Indonesia experienced over 300 million cyber attacks in the year 2020. That’s a very scary and worrying number. A lot of us are not even aware of the risks of potential cyber attacks. Our emails, text messages, social media profiles and websites give hackers plenty of chances to steal our data and use them. The first and the best solution for staying safe in the cyber World is limiting sharing of our data, photos, and updates on places we visit with the cyber World. We encourage our students to be careful while using social media as hackers love to ‘fish’ for important information on social profiles of their future victims. Posting non stop updates on our whereabouts gives hackers a lot of information they can use. We encourage all our students, parents and employees to stay low profile and do not let the public access vital and important information through photos and other information posted on-line. 

Stay safe everyone. Remember not everything you do needs to be shared on-line. 

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