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Internet if Things World

Oleh 29/09/2021 No Comments

The growth and expansion of digital technology in the last twenty years has been a phenomenon on an unprecedented scale. In the ninety nineties we could only dream about electric cars and motorcycles, smart bands and watches, smart fridges and other smart home devices.

Nowadays all of these gadgets are not only widely available but also reasonably priced which allows more and more people to use them. All of the smart gadgets work on the foundation of the Internet of Things principle. Some of them like electric cars have big hardware installed in them communicating with their users. Those small ones however mostly have small ‘smart chips’ which are responsible to respond to the commands given by the users.

These are the backbones of the IoT revolution: ‘smart chips’ communicating by a use of ‘software’ with their users. In Koding Next we take great pleasure in learning and discovering new things. We also teach children about the Internet of Things and how it works. What about you?

Are you keen on learning about this fascinating technology?

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