Koding Next and EF Bintaro

Oleh 10/05/2021 No Comments

Last Saturday, May the 8th, we were privileged to lead a great webinar with parents of children learning English in EF Bintaro sector 9. It was a great pleasure to share our coding experience with more than thirty parents.

We send big thanks to the leaders of EF Bintaro: Pak Andrew, Pak Chris and Pak Peter. Parents were actively participating in the webinar and asking great questions in regards to coding education. We could see that the need for coding classes grows each year and more and more parents are seeking for reputable coding courses for their kids. We look forward to cooperating with EF Bintaro sector 9.

Today our teachers will be leading the first Roblox class for the students of EF Bintaro.

Great pleasure to work together and teach coding. Have a great week everyone:)

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