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Motivation: It might be hard for some of us to get back to our daily routines after Idul Fitri holidays, Some of us celebrated with families and friends while some enjoyed the long weekend. It’s never easy to get back to school and work after several days off. We know it’s not easy but we have few tips to make you enjoy being back in action. 1. Wake up fast- no snoozing and turning in your bed. It’s scientifically proven that snoozing off makes us even more tired and less fresh. Do a simple exercise. When you wake up, count to 10 and get out of bed. It helps. 2. Cold shower- Makes your blood flow faster through your veins, wakes you up and makes you fresher. 3. Music- listen to some nice music. Music you usually use for exercise or other physical activities. It will wake you up and make you ready for a day full of action. 4. Make up your bed- It’s a simple activity but very often overlooked by us. It’s scientifically proven that the first 30 minutes of your day set you up for the rest of your morning. If you achieve a small goal of making your bed, your brain will be ready for bigger achievements during the day. 5. Talk to your loved ones- nothing better than a morning chat with your parents, kids or friends. Good conversation will make you alert, awake and ready for the day. 

Do you have other tips to start a new day in a positive mode? If yes, let us know. 

Happy week everyone. 

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