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There is nothing more precious for any organisation than a committed team of staff and understanding and loyal customers.  In Koding Next I am blessed with both. Throughout the years we have witnessed countless examples of solidarity, innovation and support from our community. 

Times of hardship truly show the real values of any business and its community. Yesterday one of our parents, Ibu Myrna visited our Kemayoran location and enrolled her two children for our classes. We are still physically closed but we run online camps and we are preparing ourselves for the regular activities when our schools reopen soon. I would like to thank her and other parents who support us even during our lockdown situation. Such moments lift our spirits and make us work even harder to make sure we always give the best education to all our students. 

As today we also celebrate first day of Ramadan, I would like to wish: ‘Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa’ to all of our fasting staff, parents, students and business partners.  

Ibu Myrna and Mr. Nendy (Head of School, Kmy)

Ibu Myrna and Mr. Nendy (Head of School, KMY)

Yours truly,

Bartek Wasik (Koding Next Founder)

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