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School in Indonesia created its own Roblox Game to meet students

Oleh 04/10/2021 No Comments

Koding Next, an Indonesia-based programming and technology school, started to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for its students. We came up with creating our own educational game and location in the Roblox environment. It is the exact copy of our company’s headquarters in Kemayoran, Jakarta, the location where so many students used to come and enjoy their classes in a fun and educational environment. They could meet their classmates, teachers and make new friends. And now all this is available online through a game! 

 When playing this game, students need to solve various tasks prepared by our team. The students tackle the whole variety of tasks, deal with the challenges on their way and try to find the right path to achieve their goals.

This game serves several purposes at once: it educates students about programming and coding, helps students build their social skills, and avoids the monotony of staying in the same environment. It also gives an opportunity to students to get along with each other, and feel connected to others – something that people of their age crave so much and were deprived of due to the pandemic.

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