Is Learning Programming Difficult? Don’t Sweat It. Here Are the Solutions

Learning to code may sound quite challenging for some people.

Where Do Programmers Work? Here Are the Job Prospects 

Want to become a programmer but confused about where to work as a programmer? What are the job prospects and responsibilities available? This article will answer your questions.

From Coding You Can Make a Profit: How to Earn Money from Coding?

If you are starting to learn to programme, are in IT school, or still in college related to technology. Then, the question is, how do you make money from coding?

How Much Is A Programmer’s Salary? Fantastic. Check Out the Explanation

Nowadays, we cannot separate IT products like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even TikTok from our everyday life.

It’s the holidays: Holiday Camps with Koding Next are here!

It's the holidays: Holiday Camps with Koding Next are here! Are you ready for the most exciting experience of your life?

Can Coding Bring in Money? Here Are the Advantages of Learning Coding

Coding means writing a collection of codes or a programming language. Can coding bring in money? Here are the profitable opportunities in learning to code.

What Is Coding For? Let’s Find Out More About It

Without coding, the computer is just an ordinary piece of iron that can’t do anything. What is coding for? Let’s check out the following explanation!

Grand Opening Koding Next East Surabaya:  Are you looking for The Best Coding School for Kids?

Koding Next, the biggest coding school for kids in Southeast Asia is now open in Surabaya.

Grand Opening Koding Next Bandung: The Best Edutech Curriculum for Your Children

Koding Next has expanded a new branch in Bandung. The grand opening of Koding Next Badung will be held on 29-30  October 2022

How to Learn Coding For Beginners? Here Is the Method and Tips

Kurikulum Merdeka and The Importance for Kids

Kurikulum Merdeka. It is a curriculum designed to sharpen children’s skills from an early age. According to Mr. Makarim, that is because, so far, the education regulation has only hindered the process of the education reform achievement that leads to the quality of education in Indonesia.

Coding Summer Camp by Koding Next

This programme can be participated by children aged 4-16 years old throughout Indonesia is divided into two schedules: Weekdays (Monday - Friday) and Weekend (Saturday - Sunday). Coding Summer Camp is available in online and offline classes, depending on the types of courses taken. Read more to find out the details.

Grand Opening Koding Next BSD

We proudly announce that Koding Next has opened in BSD. To be exact, it is located at Icon Business Park Block N No. 9, Sampora, Kecamatan Cisauk, Kabupaten Tangerang, Banten 1345. We will launch a Grand Opening and an Open House on July 2, 2022.

Koding Next Malaysia

Koding Next Malaysia is going to open in the next three weeks. The training team from the Head Office in Kemayoran is preparing all aspects for the opening, from the teachers, staff, and school principal. They will get training and knowledge on teaching, product knowledge, class management, and how to use the learning instruments used in Koding Next. Koding Next Malaysia offers offline and online learning methods. 

Business Simulation Game Revas

This time we’d like to introduce a fun game! It’s called Revas game. This game was developed by the Republic of Poland and supported by the European Union and European Funds. Revas is a game about business simulation. Therefore, children will learn how to run a business and lead or manage a company. All activities done are very realistic just like a real company. Children will also be guided by experienced instructors. It’s cool, isn’t it? 

The Youngest Programmer in The World

This time we’d like to introduce one of the public figures much talked about recently, especially in the technology world. Who do you think he is?

Koding Next Has Cooperation With Ministry of Communications and Informatics of Republic of Indonesia (KOMINFO)

Koding Next is cooperating with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia to boost the secondary skills of junior and senior high school teachers throughout the country. This cooperation aims at improving teachers’ additional skills to face globalisation and digitalisation. One of the skills trained is coding since coding skill is predicted to be a skill one must master in the future.

Join Our Offline Class in Your City

Many Smart Parents have been asking where they can find Koding Next Academy. Now, Smart Parents, you don’t need to worry because Koding Next Academy will soon open in more places including Surabaya, Bandung, and Bekasi. 

Offline Class Junior Koders

This time, we’d like to introduce you the Junior Koders programme. What do you think it is? What kind of program is it? Is it similar to the Little Koders programme?

Offline Class Little Koders

Hello, Smart Parents, Little Koders, and Junior Koders! This time we’d like to explain the Little Koders programme. What do you think it is? And what kind of programme is it?

The Biggest Indonesian Coding National Competition Has Been Successfully Held

National Kids Coding Competition–Code the Earth is a national kids coding competition with an earth conservation theme aimed at Indonesian students. From March to May 2022, students had a chance to join the Koding Next community and take part in many fun and educational activities, either online or offline. They competed for prizes like an education trip to the United States, a gaming laptop, and a tablet. 

Coding Has Many Benefits

Smart Parents, Little Koders, and Junior Koders, one of the benefits of learning coding is boosting self-confidence. Zidni said, “You must try coding because it has many benefits.” He proved it. He has unshakable self-confidence because of it. He didn’t have any difficulty when presenting the project he made. Again, actually, there are a lot of benefits to learning to code.

Coding Is Fun

We would now like to introduce one of the best participants of the Code the Earth National Coding Competition: Karlisa Hana Widiyanto or commonly called Isa, from Masa Depan Cerah Christian School, Surabaya. She fell into the beginner category in the competition and was one of the best participants.

Holiday Camp in Koding Next

Holidays have arrived, hurray! You must be excited about the holidays, right? Don’t worry. For you to spend the holidays, Koding Next has prepared a lot of activities for children’s holidays to be more fun. What are the activities, can you guess? Koding Next proudly presents Holiday Camp!!! In the Holiday Camp, children will learn a lot of positive and fun activities. This program runs from June 20 to July 8. Read the programmes!!!

Why Is Learning Coding Necessary For Children ?

Hi Smart Parents, why is learning coding necessary and why the children need to learn coding. How can coding can be important for children ?

Thank You for 20k Followers

Hello, Little Koders, Junior Koders, and Smart Parents. A warm greeting from Koding Next. This time we would like to announce the great news that Koding Next Instagram followers have reached more than Twenty Thousand Followers. So let's read the following explanation.

Five Things Children Need to Learn

Hello smart parents! This time we have some tips about what children need to learn. Let's see the following explanation.

Five Best Programming Languages for Children

Hello Little coders and Junior Koders, we would like to share with you about the five best programming languages ​​for Children. so Let's read the article!

Indonesian National Coding Competition

How to measure if our children are really learning and improving on their coding skills? As a parent, monitoring weekly reports on children's learning progress is very important.

World-Class Coding School

How do we, parents, know that a particular coding school is good for our children?

Coding school for Kids in BSD and Cikarang

We are proud to announce that Koding Next has opened two new branches in January 2022 in BSD, Tangerang and Cikarang, West Java.

How to Choose the Best Coding School?

the Best Coding School

Create your own happiness!

Why not measure success with happiness? Is it better? Life is too short to do things we do not like or we are not good at.

School in Indonesia created its own Roblox Game to meet students

Koding Next, an Indonesia-based programming and technology school, started to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for its students. We came up with creating our own educational game and location in the Roblox environment.

Spirit of the Paralympics

Last week we were able to watch the incredible opening ceremony of the Paralympics in Tokyo. It was a great showcase of human perseverance, 'never give up' spirit and friendship between the nations.

Covid 19 Update!

Dear students and parents, We hope you stay healthy and safe during this very challenging period of time for Indonesia and Malaysia.

Digital disruption!

It's a fact: we all spend too much time on our digital devices. Entertainment, chats, social media and constant updating about our lives. According to some data, the average person using Instagram opens this app anywhere between 130-150 times per day.

Thank you Doctors and Nurses!

In a midst of Covid19 epidemics we are very excited to be share with our communities pictures taken two days ago in Bali. On Monday, April the 27th, 2020 Koding Next Bali team was able to donate 3D printed face shields to Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat Sanglah in Bali. 

Positive Energy to Learn More, Better, and Faster!

We naturally learn more when we're in the right emotional state. The effect is that we will learn much faster when we feel happy and enjoy what we are doing, related to the right emotional and state of mind, so whatever we learn becomes useful and will not be easily forgotten.

It only gets better for you when YOU get better!

It has been a very challenging time for all of us. We know that. We have been put in very demanding situations that force on us flexibility, understanding and ability to get the best results with limited resources.

Happy International Labors Day!

It’s a celebration day for all our community: the students, parents and Koding Next staff. We all do our best each day. We wake up, hassle through the traffic and arrive at office to do our personal best. We study, learn and make our parents and ourselves proud. We work hard to provide for our families and children.

Parents and students- Our Community!

There is nothing more precious for any organisation than a committed team of staff and understanding and loyal customers.  In Koding Next I am blessed with both. Throughout the years we have witnessed countless examples of solidarity, innovation and support from our community. 

Think Big But Start Small…

The challenging time of the Covid19 took us all by surprise.  Students, parents, teachers and staff have all been affected by the lockdown. It’s hard to predict what will happen in the near future and it’s hard to motivate ourselves to do things which we usually do. 
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