The Biggest Indonesian Coding National Competition Has Been Successfully Held

The Biggest Indonesian Coding National Competition Has Been Successfully Held

National Kids Coding Competition–Code the Earth is a national kids coding competition with an earth conservation theme aimed at Indonesian students. From March to May 2022, students had a chance to join the Koding Next community and take part in many fun and educational activities, either online or offline. They competed for prizes like an education trip to the United States, a gaming laptop, and a tablet. 

More than 1,000 students participated in Indonesia, and they competed in two categories based on their age groups. The beginner category, aged 8-11 years old, made block coding projects –  Scratch. The advanced category, aged 11-15 years old, made text-based coding projects – Roblox. The competition ran in a hybrid way, online and offline.

The first round was held online. The participants joined a free coding development webinar from Koding Next, played together using Roblox, and joined a fun quiz on the Discord platform. The announcement of the score in the first round was made in a play-together event in Koding Next School in the Roblox Metaverse version. Only 20 participants with the best score/point could continue the competition to the final round as the finalists. 

The final round was held at Koding Next headquarters in Kemayoran on May 28, 2022. The participants were accompanied by their parents. They were given three hours to create their game coding and had to present the projects they made in front of the judges and audience. Another fun activity was playing robot soccer. The participants controlled a robot through an application on the tablets and played in a team to score a goal in the opponents’ goalpost. The event was successful and lively.

In the game creation, there were some points that the participants had to get, such as ecology education, programming, game design, and creativity. The projects were scored by highly experienced judges. The judges testing the projects come from different backgrounds, such as the National Achievement Centre of the Ministry of Education and Culture team to be the judge of the educational value, Mr. Dario, a programmer from South Africa to be the judge of programming value, Mr. Larry, General Manager of one of the biggest marketing agencies in Indonesia to be the judge of the game design value, and Ms. Ruth, a serial entrepreneur to be the judge of the creativity value.

The top ten with the highest scores in the final round came from different regions of Indonesia. Zidni Ilman Imtiyaz from Hikmah Teladan Elementary School, Cimahi, came out as the first winner in the Roblox (Advanced) Category and won an educational trip to the United States. Muhammad Dzaky Prastiadi from Al-Hamidiyah School, Depok, was the second winner and won gaming laptop. Farhan Fadhilah Kurnia Kamil from the State Junior High School 1 Kartasura, was the third winner and won a laptop. Meanwhile, Muhammad Hammas Fathurrahman from Sinar Cendekia Islamic Junior High School, and Jovan Matthew Ivander from Penabur Christian Junior High School Penabur, Jakarta, won the fourth and fifth places.

For the Scratch Category (Beginners), Marcellino Acintyasa Rasendriya from Insan Amanah Elementary School, Malang, East Java, came out as the first winner and won a gaming laptop. Ashandria Salmanzidna Muttaqin from Citra Az-Zahra Islamic Elementary School, Jakarta, became the second winner and won a laptop. Leonel Nirio Putra Narendra from Ricci 2 Catholic Elementary School, Tangerang, was awarded the third place and a digital drawing set from Wacom Indonesia. Meanwhile, Radisya Raisvan Gunawan from UN PGRI Laboratory Elementary School, Kediri, and Arrasyad Darian Prabhawa from Al-Ikhlas Islamic Elementary School, Jakarta, respectively, were awarded the fourth and fifth places.

All the finalists also won other prizes, such as free Koding Next class vouchers and Roblox coding e-learning vouchers in Brick Coders. Code the Earth event was sponsored by Pertamina (the State Oil and Gas Company), as well as Wacom Indonesia, and also supported by the Centre for National Achievements of the Ministry of Education, Majalah Bobo,, Komunitas Booeboo Vaganza, Roblox Topic Indonesia, and Girls Generation. The national coding competition for children by Koding Next was the first event of such kind. Other competition participants and students (outside the competition) are looking forward to the upcoming national coding competition.

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