Coding with Smile: Teaching Kids the Joy of Programming

Coding with Smile: Teaching Kids the Joy of Programming

There is no end to learn coding. Especially when it comes to the development of the digital world, there will always be discussions about it.

When it comes to coding, of course, it contains things that must be studied properly. Of course, will make the children bored. Maybe you’ve have thought, “Is there a way to teach children to code in an easy and fun way?”

Don’t worry! Through this article, Koding Next will teach smart parents easy tips for educating children to understand coding lessons.

Note down the points that we have summarized below:

  1. Teach Coding Analogies to Children

You need to note, that all knowledge or lessons that are first known are the basics first. Teach from the easiest, that is by analogy. Of course, an analogy is also something a bit difficult for children to understand. Therefore, Smart Parents must be able to explain it in simpler language.

For example, if the child asks “What is coding, ma’am, and how does it work?”. You can explain it like this:

The professor has a robot, he will use the robot to help him do his work. One time, the professor ordered the robot to pick up the items on the cupboard. He didn’t say “hey robot, please get the item on top of the cupboard”. But he typed a word containing the command “please get the items on the cupboard” on the computer screen. Just like that, in coding, we also write something on the computer screen so we can access the thing we want.

  1. Build Your Child’s Interest About the World of Programming

Everything must go with the patient, without it, everything will go wrong. This can happen because something good must be accompanied by good intentions.

This also applies when teaching your child in coding. Making children’s attention to the world of programming is very important in teaching your child to know and be able to code a program.

Teach them to want to know more about programming. We give an example; Nowadays, online games have become a favorite for children to play. In the game they play, there is a program to run it. If there is no such program, the game cannot run.

Of course, children want to play games, who doesn’t like to play games, right? If you want new games, then someone has to make them. One such person is a programmer.

The programmer’s job is to ensure that all programs in the game run smoothly. Tell them about it. After that, let them know that being a programmer is also a noble job like a pilot, doctor, or soldier. Also let them know that without a programmer, the game you are playing would never exist.

After hearing this, your child will get to know more about the duties of a programmer, and of course, the world of programming.

  1. Teach Children Some Programming Languages

In order for your child to quickly learn coding, the way to remember is to master the basics of programming very well.

Then, what are the basics of programming knowledge? Of course, Smart Parents can introduce various kinds of programming languages. For example, HTML, Python, Javascript, and others.

All of these programming languages are easy for Smart Parents to learn and are a basis that is suitable and understood by all people if they want to learn programming knowledge. Later from here, Smart Parents can guide your child to the next level in learning coding.

Make sure your children understand the basics of the programming language. After you are sure that you are completely fluent in the basic logic, then start learning more complex things.

This theory is similar to how we teach children about mathematics. At first, we teach addition and subtraction, then proceed to multiplication and division, and so on.

Just like the human world, computers also have different languages to communicate. Humans learn one or more languages, and similarly, they also learn one or more computer languages.

The way we talk to different people in different languages, we communicate with computers in the language they understand.

When teaching the basics of coding to children, explain the point above, and your child will understand.

  1. Don’t Push Yourself and Your Children

In coding learning, everything needs a process. Just like a child going to school, some stages must be passed and it all takes time. So, as wise Smart Parents, don’t force your child to learn coding!

Guide them slowly, rushing will not produce results. On the contrary, everything that is prepared carefully and slowly will produce maximum results.

If You want your child to become Future Koders, always guide your child if they have difficulties, and help what you can.

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