Create your own happiness!

Create your own happiness!

How do we measure success in life? By the amount of dollars in the bank account? Good job? Black credit card? Villa and a car? Why not measure success with happiness? Is it better? Life is too short to do things we do not like or we are not good at.

The ultimate goal of our life is to live a happy life. To do things we love, to help others and to spend time with people we admire, learn from and love. Let’s reflect on our path to happiness for a bit.

Let’s sit down, close our eyes and imagine if we are happy now.

If not, let’s think about why not and how we can become happier? Maybe it’s a job we do, or people we deal with or a place we live in. Let’s make a simple plan to improve our life and become happy.

Only when we are happy can we say we are successful in our life. And when we are happy we can also make otters happy. 

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