Digital disruption!

Digital disruption!

What is digital disruption ? It’s a fact: we all spend too much time on our digital devices. Entertainment, chats, social media and constant updating about our lives. According to some data, the average person using Instagram opens this app anywhere between 130-150 times per day.

An average meaning that there are people who do it even more frequently.We as a civilization are now facing a great challenge of working on how to make sure our digital gadgets are helping us and not harming us. 

These are a few ideas to make sure we use digital content more appropriately.

Most Apps

Check what are the most used apps on our smartphones, tablets and computers? Are they helping you? Making us smarter? More productive? Better educated? If not, you should try to use them less frequently.

Daily Schedule

Make a daily schedule with off-screen time. Mornings, family meal time and rest time should be uninterrupted by digital gadgets.

Learning Sources

Learn using digital sources: if you listen to an audiobook, learn a useful skill online or gain extra knowledge then your use of gadgets is excused and you can feel good about it. Of course as long as it is within the limits of common sense. 

Meet Up

Meet up with your friends and loved ones. Instead of staring at the screen of your smartphone and typing long messages, give a call or meet up with your friends. Much nicer to physically talk to someone. It will boost your mood.


Install timers and measuring apps helping you with minimizing use of your gadgets. Nothing better than a timer reminding you should finish browsing through digital content.

We hope these tips are helpful. It’s not easy to change your habits but it is always good to start. Have a nice week everyone.

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