Five Things Children Need to Learn

Five Things Children Need to Learn

Hello Smart Parents! This time we have some tips about five things what children need to learn. Let’s see the following explanation.

Hopefully, you will find the information useful and applicable. Keep on reading!

I. Industry 4.0

The children’s future will be much better if we as parents prepare it properly, especially in Industry 4.0 which is always associated with technological and digital advances.

As Smart Parents, we must also help our children in directing their interests. As Smart Parents, we have to be really careful regarding what skills children must have in industry 4.0. Do not let your children be left behind in the competition.

Here are some abilities and skills that children must have and learn in Industry 4.0 in order to compete in the modern industry. 

1. Digital Savvy

five thing children need to learn

Industry 4.0 is always associated with technological advances. So, being digital savvy is very important for your children. One of the skills needed in Industry 4.0 is coding or programming languages. Coding is one of the skills that children must have if they want to be web developers or app developers. Learning to code is not as difficult as you think. Through coding, other skills are developed. It can develop children’s abilities in cognitive aspects. Some skills that are developed in coding are the ability to think critically, logically, and systematically. In addition, if children have coding skills, they can compete in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. There are so many companies that have digital assets such as websites, applications, and social media. Therefore, coding skill is needed to compete in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

2. Talent

frive things children need to learn

Every individual has a talent. However, to develop children’s talent, it would be much easier if it is nurtured from an early age. As Smart Parents, you should be able to identify your children’s talent, so you can help them (children) make the best of it. For example, we as Smart Parents can ask about what our children wish and what they want to be, or try to introduce them to some interests, such as learning a programming language, playing music, drawing, or creating content.

After you find out what your children really want to be and what their interests are, you need to help them to develop their talent, so that it is more outstanding.

3. Critical Thinking

five things children need to learn

Critical thinking is also one of the skills that children must have. Today people can get information easily, but sometimes the information is not 100 percent correct or even false. With the ability to think critically, children will be able to filter and analyze information. Activities that can stimulate children to think critically are, for example, learning math, programming languages, ​​and reading books. Therefore, Smart parents can already introduce these activities to children, so that their critical thinking skills can be much greater.

4. Team Work

five things children need to learn

This ability is definitely recommended to be developed from an early age. In Industry 4.0, competition is no longer the priority but collaboration. To improve collaboration, Smart Parents can develop it by teaching the children small things such as working together to clean their room and fostering the values ​​of cooperation at home.

5. Responsibility

koding next

This ability is very important to be developed in children. Training children to be responsible is a form of basic ability that must be taught as early as possible, this ability can be developed by giving assignments at home. Training children to tidy up and put away toys in their room and make the bed after waking up in the morning can also develop their sense of responsibility

so Smart Parents those are the five things children need to learn. please always check our website and read our blogs.

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