From Coding You Can Make a Profit: How to Earn Money from Coding?

From Coding You Can Make a Profit: How to Earn Money from Coding?

If you are starting to learn to programme, are in IT school, or still in college related to technology. Then, the question is, how do you make money from coding?

This article has all the answers to that question. In a technology era as it is now, understanding programming is advantageous. Coding, for example, can add insight and bring in material benefits.

How to Earn Money From Coding?

  1. Be a Freelancer

As a freelancer, you are not subject to a contract with any company. You can have flexible working hours that you’ll choose yourself. You will only have to adjust to the client’s request. By doing this, you can manage the income you want more easily and in accordance with your ability.

You can market your programming services online to get clients who want to use your services. Some of the coding services you can provide include but are not limited to website and mobile application development, as well as web and application design.

  1. Work in a Company 

The first way is the easiest way for everyone to imagine. The advantages you can get if you work for a company are a steady income, benefits, career progression, potential bonuses, stability and so on. This way, with the strong coding skills you will definitely land a good job and have a great career development.

  1. Be a Content Creator 

By being a content creator, you can make tutorial videos on writing, microblogging, and building creative content that you can post on various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, which contain the world of coding. For example, you can make a tutorial video on how to learn coding and materials to increase viewers’ knowledge about coding.

  1. Produce Digital Products 

You can create a Plug-In or Extensions for needs like Visual Studio Code and others. You can also create an Online Course like BootCamp so that people who want to learn programming can join the BootCamp you have created, and of course, you will also get benefits.

This can bring you income from producing digital products by getting a cut from the marketplace where you sell your software, in other words, a commission. Alternatively, you can create your own website and make your own sales of digital products created by you.

  1. Create Open-Source Projects 

You can create a useful product for users that they can use for free. The benefits you will get can be in the form of donations. For example, if a user feels that the product comes in handy, they will not hesitate to donate to your open source.

  1. Make SAAS/Software As a Service

Using this method is not easy, but it is not impossible to try as long as you have adequate skills. Creating SAAS is like creating software that prospective users can subscribe to, such as Zoom, DropBox, Trello, Figma, and Canva.

Requirements for Earning Money From Coding 

You know that learning coding can be a means of profit, but you must consider some things as requirements for you to be a coder.

  • Having Coding Skills 

These skills are, of course, a must-have for someone who will work with coding. The ability to code must consistently be upgraded according to the development of the existing technology market so that your expertise can continue to be profitable.

  • Having a Portfolio

Before entering the world of work as a programmer, make sure you have created something related to coding and that later on you can show the results to the prospective clients who will hire you. Create an attractive portfolio so that a future employer or a client would choose you.

  • Possessing Communications Skills 

Many workers ignore these skills. Even though you may work with clients online, or maybe your clients are not from Indonesia, you must master communication, negotiation, and correspondence skills. It is highly recommended to have English language skills to get clients from abroad.

The more skills and advantages you have, the higher the price of your services will be. Therefore, learning and continuing to learn is f great importance.

It is vital to have good communication with your clients. With smooth communication, you can tell each other what programmes you will do and how they will run so that there is no misunderstanding. Good communication will produce great work results.

How to earn money from coding? There are many ways to benefit from coding. Coding skills can bring in a high income if you develop them continuously by learning tirelessly.

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