Who Are We?

Established in 2015, Koding Next is created for parents whose objective is to provide the most comprehensive coding school for their children. Within 5 years, we reached 1,500 students and partnered with more than 10 top international schools in Indonesia.

With over 12 years of experience in education, we understand each age group has a different approach to teaching coding. So we tailored our curriculum for each age group, from Little Koders (4-8 years old), Junior Koders (8-16 years old), and ProKoders (professional boot camp).

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In 2020, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, besides offline classes, we also offer online classes to our students.

Stories from Our Students

Why Learn Coding ?

Language of The Future

Like English and Chinese, coding has become the language of the 21st century.

Necessary Skill

Knowing how to code is not only for programmers. It has become a necessary skill for all future business owners, managers, and employees. The ability to use Microsoft Office is no longer enough to impress anyone.

World Trend

Singapore, UK, USA, Finland, Canada, South Korea, Japan, and Sweden have the best educational systems globally, and they are implementing coding education into their school curriculum.

Lack of “Coding-Savvy Managers”

21st-century businesses seek managers with coding skills to bridge the understanding gap between the managers and the programmers.

Shortage of Good Programmers

An estimated shortage of three million programmers in Indonesia until 2030 is the main obstacle to the Indonesian economic growth and digital sector.