Indonesian National Coding Competition

Indonesian National Coding Competition

Code The Earth

How to measure if our children are really learning and improving on their coding skills? As a parent, monitoring weekly reports on children’s learning progress is very important. There are various ways to do this, starting from observing children’s learning activities, giving them quizzes and questions, encouraging them to make something, and involving children in competitions.

Koding Next proudly invites all Indonesian students aged 8-15 years to participate in a National Coding Competition – Code the Earth. We believe this competition will be the biggest and most prestigious competition in Indonesia. Hundreds of Indonesian children have registered to participate in this competition.

Younger students 8-11 years old will create their coding projects using the Scratch programming language, and students over 11 years old will compete in Roblox game development.

Koding Next does not charge a fee in this competition, as well as participants who take part in the Code The Earth competition. This competition is FREE. Koding Next wants ALL Indonesian children to be able to participate, challenge themselves and compete with other participants in honing their coding skills.

For Koding Next, the school background of students is not a problem that must be considered. Therefore, any student can take part in this competition. Join Code The Earth today and get ready to compete in this spectacular event. Registration is open until April 17, 2022. Take note and save the important date, do not wait till the last minute.

“ Code your future with Koding Next and the National Coding Competition!

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