Invest you THR in the Best Education for Your Child

Invest you THR in the Best Education for Your Child

Approaching the Idul Fitri holiday, parents usually will get Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR). THR is often used for shopping or celebrating the holiday with family. However, try to find a new way to spend your THR for long-term investment by investing the money in your child’s best education.

Education is an important aspect of a child’s life and their future. Every parent wants the best education for their child so that their future can be bright. But what is meant by the best education for a child?

Good education should provide skills and experiences that can help a child grow and develop. One way to provide beneficial experiences and skills for children is to give them the opportunity to learn about technology. Technology is rapidly evolving and changing the way we live and work, so children must also prepare themselves to face future challenges.

Coding School for Kids

One of the best education options for children is to send them to a coding school. Coding school is a great choice because it can provide many benefits for children. Some of the benefits of coding school include:

  1. Improving academic performance

Learning coding can improve a child’s mathematical ability and logical thinking. Children who learn coding usually find it easier to solve complex problems and develop their creativity.

  1. Using technology positively

Learning coding also helps children to use technology positively. They not only play games, but also create their own games or develop applications that are useful for others.

  1. Developing skills for the future

Learning coding also helps children to develop the skills they need in the future, such as the ability to think critically, the ability to adapt to technological changes, and the ability to collaborate with others.

Why Koding Next?

Koding Next is one of the best coding schools in Southeast Asia. Since 2016, Koding Next has had more than 8,000 students and sold more than 15,000 courses. Koding Next is also the first coding school affiliated with Roblox. In addition, Koding Next is the only coding school whose curriculum is published by Marshall Cavendish for use in various countries.

Koding Next always provides the best for your child because it is supported by the best team in the field from various countries. This team always updates the curriculum and makes learning fun so that children feel comfortable while learning. Koding Next also provides options for online and offline learning, so children can choose the most suitable learning method.

Special Offer in April

Koding Next is committed to providing convenience and solutions for parents in facing the challenges of today’s education world. With this large THR discount, parents can take advantage of this opportunity to provide the best education for their children. In addition, Koding Next also offers a free trial class program that allows parents to monitor their child’s learning progress directly. Therefore, parents can be more confident and trust that their children are learning with the right and effective methods at Koding Next.

Don’t miss this opportunity to use THR in a proper and beneficial way for the future of your children. Register your children at Koding Next now and experience the benefits of the best and most advanced education in Southeast Asia. Remember, this discount is only valid until the end of April, so register your children now and get up to 30% THR discount for all regular online and offline classes. Join Koding Next and prepare a bright future for your children!

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