<strong>It’s the holidays: Holiday Camps with Koding Next are here!</strong>

It’s the holidays: Holiday Camps with Koding Next are here!

Have you, Smart Parents, prepared for the year-end holidays for your children?

Holidays are not always spent with activities such as playing games, gadgets, or watching YouTube all day. A good vacation for children, of course, can stimulate children’s development in creativity, intelligence, and skills, so that children will feel happy, comfortable, and gain experiences that are emotional and intellectual to refresh the boredom that existed during the school period.

For this reason, Koding Next has a program that is a solution for parents who want their children to have an educational, productive and fun holiday through Holiday Camps with Koding Next.

Holiday Camps with Koding Next

Are you ready for the most exciting experience of your life?

Koding Next is a program that can be joined by children aged 4-16 years from all over Indonesia, both online and offline. There is a choice of schedules on weekdays, namely Monday – Friday or weekends, namely Saturday – Sunday, there is also a special one day program on weekends.

With very affordable costs starting from IDR 400 thousand, children can get an unforgettable experience to develop capacity in the digital era. Here is the full program:

  1. Coding & Science

This program is suitable for children aged 4-8 years because it improves coding skills and scientific thinking. Kids will solve fun puzzles and riddles and perform science experiments through amazing games, science and technology animations. It’s fun, isn’t it?

  1. Python: Maths & Art

This program is for children aged 8-12 years. Children will be introduced to the Python programming language in a fun and interactive way. They’ll start with coding blocks, then move on to textual programming by solving math problems and creating fun designs. During the program, they’ll also learn about loops, variables, sequential thinking, the Turtle library and much more!

  1. IoT: Smart Home 1.0

Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that is needed in our daily lives. The need for IoT will grow in the future, so children need the ability to understand how IoT works. In addition, it is important to equip children with skills and skills for their future. This course is suitable for ages 12-16, kids develop coding skills using C++ Programming Language, build hardware using microcontrollers, and design mobile apps that power an IoT Pet Feeder over the internet.

  1. 3D Printing & Design

Not only learning and increasing creativity through 3D design, but students will also experience the design they make which can be printed using a 3D printing machine. TinkerCAD will be used to design fun objects and shapes. Students will have the option of printing their own 3D designs by the end of the program. Sophisticated right?


Koding Next is giving a special promotion to take part in HOLIDAY CAMPS with KODNG NEXT for free, by registering for a regular course for January! Isn’t it exciting, being able to play and learn with friends on this holiday for free.

Koding Next is the largest coding and programming school in Southeast Asia for children from 4-16 years old. Established since 2016, Koding Next has more than 6000 students, 40 learning modules, and the best curriculum made by experts. What is unique, the Koding Next curriculum is not a copy and paste curriculum from an open source, but is made from the collaboration of teams from various countries, such as Europe, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and always upgrades the curriculum.

In addition, Mateusz Rybiński COO Koding Next explained that coding is the language of the future, which will be very helpful for logical thinking and problem solving, so that not only those who are interested in IT, but everyone can and need to learn coding.

There are various types of classes and learning available at Koding Next that are tailored to children’s learning goals, such as games, apps, robots, computer programming, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s great if your child doesn’t only play games, but can also make games, applications, and other programming.

What are you waiting for? Immediately register your child at HOLIDAY CAMPS with KODING NEXT, limited seats!

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