Little Koders (Age 4-8)

Koding Next is the first school in Indonesia to offer classes to students starting from the age of 4.

We understand the large differences in teaching kindergarten students compared to grade 1 and grade 2 students. So we divided our Little Koders programs into two age groups: 4-6 years old and 6-8 years old.

Little Koders aged 4-6 years old will learn the principles of coding through the various modules we offer such as:

  • Apps & Games
  • Active Coding
  • Design Thinker

Little Koders aged 6-8 years old will develop their coding skills by joining a Little Koders four-semester (two-year) program where they can study:

  • Apps
  • Robots
  • Games & Math
  • Computer Programming

We have 20 meetings per module, one meeting per week, with a duration of 45-60 minutes per each meeting.

Online & Offline Classes

4-6 & 6-8 years old
Introduce children to the world of coding through the “CS Unplugged” activity! In this module, children will learn various programming concepts through fun physical activities such as dancing, singing, and drawing.

4-6 & 6-8 years old
Think like a designer! Children will learn the "Design Thinking" methodology as a method for creating games and designs.

Offline-Only Classes

4-6 years old
The first semester of Apps & Games series modules. Students will be introduced to programming concepts and apply them to the various tools we use.

4-6 years old
New tools, new knowledge! In this module, students will learn more complex sequences, gain knowledge of debugging and making games.

4-6 years old
The final semester of a series of Apps & Games modules. Besides being given more complicated tasks to use new tools, students will also be taught how to move the various robots that we provide.

6-8 years old
Students will learn basic programming concepts such as events, loops, sequences, and multithreading by creating interactive code and simple games using programming applications on iPad.

6-8 years old
Learn basic concepts of programming using robots! Students will learn coding through activities that involve robots, such as coding lights, sounds, sensors, and moving the robot.

6-8 years old
Train your children's mathematical skills by solving math challenges and practicing gamification. Students will also apply mathematical knowledge by making simple games with codes.

6-8 years old
Students will code interactive games and projects using a computer rather than an iPad or a tablet as in other Little Koders modules. In addition to revising other Little Koders modules that have been studied, students will be prepared to move up to JuniorKoders.

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