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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a free trial?

    You can schedule your free trial with our Student Advisor via the form on the registration page.

  • Will the class be held offline or online?

    Koding Next is complying with local government regulations. Currently, we provide offline classes in Bali only. For the latest info, follow @KodingNext on Instagram.

  • What do I need to prepare so that my child could take online classes at Koding Next?

    Generally, laptop with a webcam, reliable Internet connection, and Gmail account to be used by the student. For Little Koders (4-8 years old), iPad is needed.

  • My child has never taken a coding course before. Can my child learn at Koding Next?

    Yes! Koding Next specifically designed the curriculum program for children who do not have any coding skills.

  • My child has never operated a computer using a mouse/keyboard. Can my child learn coding at Koding Next?

    Little Koders (4-8 years old) can learn coding without any computer skills. But as for Junior Koders (8-16 years old), they need to be able to use a mouse & keyboard.

  • Can I choose the class schedule for my children?

    Absolutely! You can discuss the class schedule with our student advisor.

  • My child is xx years old. What modules are available for him/her?

    Information of our courses can be accessed on Little Koders (4-8 years old) and Junior Koders (8-16 years old) pages.

  • What will my child do during the class?

    Koding Next curriculum is designed with project-based approaches. At the end of the module, students will be guided to do a final project and present it to the teachers and their parents.

  • Is my child going to get a certificate?

    Yes! Certificates will be awarded for each course they complete.

  • What language is used in the teaching-learning process?

    The teaching process in Koding Next is done using a bilingual system: Indonesian and English.

  • How many students per class offline / online?

    To maintain quality of our teaching process, we limit the maximum class size to 5-6 students per class.

  • When will Koding Next be available in my city?

    We welcome you to become one of our valuable franchisees! Please contact us via the form on our franchise page.