Coding Is Fun

Coding Is Fun

We would now like to introduce one of the best participants of the Code the Earth National Coding Competition: Karlisa Hana Widiyanto or commonly called Isa, from Masa Depan Cerah Christian School, Surabaya. She fell into the beginner category in the competition and was one of the best participants.

Initially, Isa showed a strong interest in learning to code when she saw a Scratch (programming language for kids) advertisement on YouTube. She did her best to study the Scratch language diligently. She always spends around three to five hours a day learning coding and subjects from school. 

For Code the Earth National Coding Competition, Isa made a project with an environmental care theme and an ecological value. So, the game she made contained a message that we have to care for the surrounding environment and nature. Cool, isn’t it? She not only made a game but also conveyed a vital message in her game.

Isa also told her friends, “Don’t be afraid of learning new things such as coding!” She dreams of being a programmer in the future. Let’s learn new things by starting to learn to code. You can make your own games. Try it!

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