Positive Energy to Learn More, Better, and Faster!

Positive Energy to Learn More, Better, and Faster!

Koders, do you know what positive energy is ? while WFH (Work from Home) or LFM (Learn from Home) did you ever feel bored, bored, and tired to do your job because of a bad mood? Or feel pressure when doing your tasks? How do you deal with it so that you can recover and be productive again? It is not an easy thing to recover yourself which in fact the way is very different for everyone; Your way to improve your mood and make peace with yourself may not be the same as other Koders’ ways to find peace of mind and heart.

Then, why this week Koding Next discusses psychology topics that are currently being discussed? Apart from the pandemic which was quite stressful, then coupled with the work/study atmosphere that changed drastically from a conducive office atmosphere and immediately moved location to home with a different atmosphere. This can be more stressful than usual. Some of you may be trying to run a company, homeschooling, raising children and taking care of the household, while as social beings, humans need real social interaction not just visuals and sounds from gadgets. Because it’s scientifically proven that we naturally learn more when we’re in the right emotional state. The effect is that we will learn much faster when we feel happy and enjoy what we are doing, related to the right emotional and state of mind, so whatever we learn becomes useful and will not be easily forgotten.

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Therefore, what are you waiting for? Let’s check your mood before you start doing your tasks! The method is not difficult, really! Simply checking out the memes on Instagram from 9gag that can cheer you up, or reading the Twitter threads of some of the comedy accounts can make your day a little brighter – and physically, don’t forget to keep working out and be confident and confident all the things you’re about to have planned for you. finished that day, you will really finish it. By providing relaxation for yourself, you can be in a positive state that makes the learning process that was previously difficult, becomes enjoyable. Next time, when your enthusiasm wanes to strive for learning, stop for a moment. Stand up, control your emotions, smile and after that, not magic and not magic, but you can do your tasks smoothly! Just try, nothing to lose!

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