Business Simulation Game Revas

Business Simulation Game Revas

Hello, Smart Parents, Junior Koders, and Little Koders!

This time we’d like to introduce a fun game! It’s called Revas game. This game was developed by the Republic of Poland and supported by the European Union and European Funds. Revas is a game about business simulation. Therefore, children will learn how to run a business and lead or manage a company. All activities done are very realistic just like a real company. Children will also be guided by experienced instructors. It’s cool, isn’t it? 

In this game, children will be divided into several teams to run some businesses virtually. They will analyse the market, make a conclusion from the analysis, and solve the problems in the businesses they run. They will run the companies like running real companies. 

This game has a lot of advantages and was designed to train children to be entrepreneurs.  Not only that, but it is also to improve children’s problem-solving and logical thinking skills, as well as their skills in analyzing something. This simulation also trains children to make a decision based on their analyses. In addition, in running the businesses, they will improve their collaboration and teamwork skills. It is only a game but trains a lot of skills. 

For Smart Parents who want their children to join the camp or want to know further information about it, you can directly contact our sales advisor here (sales advisor’s telephone link), check our website at and then click Free Trial, or check our social media and send a direct message. 

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