Thank you Doctors and Nurses!

Thank you Doctors and Nurses!

In a midst of Covid19 epidemics we are very excited to be share with our communities pictures taken two days ago in Bali. On Monday, April the 27th, 2020 Koding Next Bali team was able to donate 3D printed face shields to Sanglah Hospital in Bali. 

We are very thankful to all hard working doctors and nurses who save lives during corona virus pandemic. We are glad that with 3D printing technology we were able to support them in their daily operations. Next week we will be donating more face shields to the hospitals in Jakarta and in Bali. 

3D printing is a relatively new technology proving to be very important during the time of Covid 19 pandemic. By learning principles of the design and 3D printing even teenagers can be vital in supplying to the hospitals 3D printed elements of the face shields. Koding Next team believes that in the future there will be even more possibilities to use technologies such as 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence and Data analytics.

For more Covid19 face shields project stay tuned.

Thank you Doctors and Nurses
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