Think Big But Start Small…

Think Big But Start Small…

The challenging time of the Covid19 took us all by surprise.  Students, parents, teachers and staff have all been affected by the lockdown. It’s hard to predict what will happen in the near future and it’s hard to motivate ourselves to do things which we usually do. 

How to stay fit in these difficult times? How to stay smart and knowledgeable in times when we are bombarded with constant news on the virus? It is not easy. But who told us it is going to be easy? We have to get used to the new situation and be flexible. 

Start your daily activities with a 15-minute exercise session. There are so many free tutorials online on how to exercise at home. Start with a small goal of 15 minutes daily. And then move on to longer periods. Same with reading books and learning new skills we always wanted to learn.

Start with a SMALL step but make sure you start! Do not postpone it otherwise you will never be able to reach BIG goals you always wanted. 

Stay healthy all.

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