<strong>What Is Coding For? Let’s Find Out More About It</strong>

What Is Coding For? Let’s Find Out More About It

Without coding, the computer is just an ordinary piece of iron that can’t do anything. What is coding for? Let’s check out the following explanation!

Like humans, technologies such as computers have different ways of communication. The communication language used by computers is not the language that humans usually use but it is the form of a code or a programming language. 

What Is Coding For?

In simple terms, coding is a process carried out by a programmer to communicate with a computer. Computers only communicate through a series of numbers and codes called programming languages.

Any written code can help a computer understand and read what it is supposed to do. The computer will receive the command and then operate based on the written instruction.

Generally, coding is expressed as a computer programming term to translate the logic from flowcharts into a programming language, either in symbols, letters, or numbers, to form a program, computer command, or application.

The applications we use daily, desktop and web or mobile-based, to carry out various activities are the results of the coding process, namely programming languages. With coding, we provide a list of instructions to the computer so that it does its job according to the purpose we set.

Knowing More About Coding 

In modern life, almost every aspect relies on coding. Every application run by a phone, tablet, or computer uses a computer language for instructions. Even other digital systems, such as smart TVs and calculators, also use coding to run them. Almost every modern car uses coding to control everything from the air conditioning system to fuel injector use. City traffic systems also use computers to operate traffic signals.

The important thing that we need to consider when writing programming language code is syntax. Every programming language has very detailed rules for writing code. If there is a slight error in writing, then the programming code will not be able to compile.

Some of the most popular programming languages often used by professional programmers are HTML & CSS, Java, Angularjs, PHP, Ruby, and Python. Through the language programmed, we can give some instructions to the machine and write coding to make mobile applications or create websites.

The answer to the question (what is coding for), coding is deliberately used for solving problems, namely in the communication form made by humans to computer machines to carry out some tasks.

Functionally, coding can change the world with an application that can connect all people in all corners of the world by interacting and socializing.

Coding also helps work remotely. To work remotely means doing your work without having to go directly to the office or do it in person. With this, you can work anywhere, as long as you have a good internet network to support smooth working remotely. Many startup companies in Indonesia are now using this system, which allows their employees to work remotely.

The compilation process of this programming language has different types. Various programming languages ​​based on the compilation process are as follows:

  1. Variables: values, numbers, character strings, and memory addresses used by programmers to create a program.
  1. Control structure: a series of programming blocks to analyze variables and determine the next direction.
  1. Data structure: a standard format to analyse or store data according to a specific purpose.
  1. Syntax: code or script understood by the computer in its function to achieve the desired goal of a programmer.
  1. Tools: a set of computer programs needed to maintain, create, support, and debug other programmes and applications.

What Is a Programming Language?

Programming languages ​​are commands used to run computer processes. The trick is to use a set of syntaxes.

When it starts to write a line of code using syntax, the syntax will go through a translation process called compilation. The purpose of compilation is to make the syntax line easier to understand by the computer.

The compilation process of this programming language has different types. Various programming languages ​​based on the compilation process are as follows:

  1. Compiled language  

The compiled language is a programming language that requires translation by a program called a compiler. The translation’s purpose is to make the language easier for computers to understand. Examples include C, C++, and Go.

  1. Interpreted language 

The interpreted language is a programming language that we can execute directly without requiring translation from the compiler. Examples include JavaScript and Python.

  1. Just In Time (JIT) language

The Just In Time (JIT) language is a programming language translated directly by the compiler when the program is running. Examples include JavaScript, C +, and Java.

Mastering a programming language makes one brighter and more creative by making them think in a structured and systematic way. 

Hopefully, the explanation above can answer the question about what coding is for. Its use comes in handy in today’s era of technology. The development of technology makes it easier for people to carry out their daily activities.

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