What You Get in Koding Next

What You Get in Koding Next

Koding Next: More Than Just a Coding School

Education is one of the most important investments we can make in our children’s future. With the ever-increasing role of technology in our lives, it is no surprise that coding has become an essential skill to possess. However, finding a quality coding school can be a challenge for many parents, especially in countries like Indonesia. This is where Koding Next comes in, a coding school that offers more than just the basics.

One of the unique features of Koding Next is that they offer over 50 courses with various goals based on a child’s development plan. Each of the modules is developed by their international curriculum team, which is customized to the child’s age group and learning needs. The regular courses consist of 20 lessons. In addition to the regular curriculum, Koding Next offers extra educational activities that can help children develop their skills and connections for the future.

1. Coding Club

For Little Koders, age group 4-8 years old, Koding Next provides Little Xplorer Club with motoric and crafting activities. Parents can also get involved in the activities to engage with kids at home to complete our weekly challenge.

For Junior Koders, age group 8-16 years old, we provide a Coding Club in our Discord where your child can meet other coders and have short coding activities. The results are that they can create digital sophistication technology such as IoT Smart Home, Pet Feeder, and other fun tools.

2. Certificate

Koding Next provides a certificate that is recognized by the industry. This can help students take their education to the next level or seek future job opportunities.

3. Welcome Gift

Moreover, your child gets a chance to have a welcome gift to new students, which includes exclusive merchandise from Koding Next. This gift makes the students feel like they are part of the Koding Next family.

4. Student Card

Your child will be a member of Koding Next by showing their student card. The card is rewarded with a stamp sticker when a module is completed, and the card can be used to get benefits from Koding Next partners. Your child can also show their friends the many stamps they have collected on their card.

5. Parent-Teacher Conference

At the end of each course, parents will receive an evaluation and feedback regarding their child’s learning process from our teachers. This feedback will help parents make informed decisions about their child’s education and future

At Koding Next, we believe in providing more than just coding lessons. We want to give added value to those who join us by providing a comprehensive and fun educational experience. So why wait? Join Koding Next now and give your child the best coding education.

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