Kisah dari Para Murid

Kenapa Belajar Coding ?

Bahasa Masa Depan

Like English and Chinese, coding has become the language of the 21st century.

Kemampuan Skill

Knowing how to code is not only for programmers. It has become a necessary skill for all future business owners, managers and employees. The ability to use Microsoft Office is no longer enough to impress anyone.

Trend Trend

Singapore, Inggris, Amerika, Finlandia, Kanada, Korea Selatan, Jepang and Swedia have the best educational systems globally, and they are implementing coding education into their school curriculum.

Kurangnya "Manajer dengan Kemampuan Coding"

21st-century businesses seek managers with coding skills to bridge the understanding gap between the manajer dan programmer.

Shortage of Programmer Handal

Perkiraan kekurangan sekitar tiga juta programmer di Indonesia sampai 2030 is the main obstacle to the Indonesian economy’s growth and its digital sector.