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Intensive Course

Learn intensive programming for 16+ year-olds

This programme is designed to teach intensive website programming for students. The details of the course are:

4 modules – 1 module is 2 weeks long.

1 module consists of 4 sessions. For Web Analytics: 1 module consists of 2 sessions.

2 sessions per week – 1 session is 150 minutes / 2.5 hours long. For Web Analytics: 1 session is 8 hours long.

Intensive Course benefits people by:

professional course for university students and workers

suitable for those with little time and need maximum results

providing international certification program from WACA (Web Analytics Consultants Association) from Japan
Static Website
Intensive Course Static Website Detail
Intensive Course Static Website
Dynamic Website
Intensive Course Dynamic Website Detail
Intensive Course Dynamic Website
E-Commerce Website
Intensive Course E-Commerce Website Detail
Intensive Course E-Commerce Website
Web Analytics (January Coming Soon!)
Intensive Course Web Analytics Detail
Intensive Course Web Analytics