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Junior Koders

Coding for 8–16-year-olds

This programme is designed to teach students computer programming for games and mobile apps as well as other necessary digital skills to learn the latest technology. The details of the course are:

5 regular modules with 4 short modules.

Main course: 1 module consists of 20 sessions and is 6 months long (1 semester).

Short course: 1 module consists of 10 sessions and is 3 months long.

1 session per week – 1 session is 90 minutes long.

Junior Koders benefits young people by:

improving logical and algorithmic thinking

improving social, teamwork, problem-solving, technical-thinking, creativity and innovation skills

providing a 2–3-year programme that is internationally certified by BITE (British Institute of Technology Education)

teaching the newest technology in artificial intelligence and programming drones, 2D and 3D design, and 3D printing, etc.

Main Course

Mission Mars
Junior Koders Mission on Mars Detail
Junior Koders Mission on Mars
Website Development
Junior Koders Website Development Detail
Junior Koders Website Development
Tech & Drones
Junior Koders Tech and Drones Detail
Junior Koders Tech and Drones
Junior Koders Apps Detail
Junior Koders Apps
2D Games Development
Junior Koders 2D Games Development Detail
Junior Koders 2D Games Development

Extra Course

Junior Koders JavaScript Detail
Junior Koders JavaScript
Artificial Intelligence
Junior Koders Artificial Intelligence Detail
Junior Koders Artificial Intelligence
Junior Koders Micratch Detail
Junior Koders Micratch
Junior Koders Python Detail
Junior Koders Python