Little Koders (Age 4-8)

Koding Next was the first school in Indonesia to offer coding classes for kindergarten children.

We understand huge differences in teaching kindergarten students in comparison to those from grades 1 and 2 of the primary schools.
So, we divided our Little Koders program into two subgroups: 4-6 years old, and 6-8 years old.

Age 4-6 (45min/Lesson)

Little Koders aged 4-6 needs to learn the principles of coding through discovering Apps and Games. We develop our ur program from a two-semester (one year) course into a three-semester program.

Age 6-8 (60min/Lesson)

Primary school students aged 6-8 years old will advance their coding skills by joining Little Koders four-semester (two years) program where they learn modules such as: