The Story

The idea of establishing a programming school appeared in Bartek Wasik’s mind in 2015 when he tried to find a comprehensive coding school in Jakarta to enable his two sons (our first students) to learn to program.

When he realized that there was no such institution in Indonesia, he decided to build his own.

He shared this idea with his friend Mateusz Rybinski and his business partner Mr Inayat Ali. Bartek and his over 12 years of experience in education in Indonesia and Mateusz’s knowledge about various aspects of technology and franchise models as well as Mr Ali’s 40 years of business experience helped them to start Koding Next.

We’ve grown from 19 students in January 2017 to more than 400 students in the first 9 months and almost 1000 students in 2018.

The Program

Our team consists of specialists in the fields of education, business, social studies, linguistics, science and technology. Our Indonesian team works with experts from the USA, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

We are focused on developing our methodology to effectively teach technology to anyone. We follow digital trends to offer the newest and most effective tools and techniques in the fast changing educational World.

We attend the largest international trade shows in the fields of education and technology to scout best solutions for our schools.

We evaluate and improve our curriculum every three months based on the feedback from our students and parents as well as the latest World trends in technology training. We do this in order to offer our students the best pedagogy combined with the latest technological tools.

We have been the only coding school in Indonesia that offers courses for ALL age groups. It’s a great accomplishment that only a few institutions in the world have been able to achieve.

Our complex curriculum consists of more than fifty courses offered to ALL age groups.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people to not only consume the technology but to use its full potential.

We aim to be always innovative.
We love to experiment.

Our program is for those who start from scratch but also for those who would like to improve their current skills.

As a part of our mission, we would like to empower less fortunate individuals to receive adequate education as a part of our CSR projects.

The Future

Based on strong foundations of methodology and innovation we would like to become a leader of education of technology first locally than internationally and build a network of trusted business partners around the World.

We will also develop our digital platform that will enable learning programming and new technologies with the best teachers and methodologies anywhere in the world.


We are a group of educators and technology enthusiasts who constantly search for the best ways to teach coding. We have been present on the market since 2017 and we have grown to a strong team of seventy employees.

In the course of few years we sold over five thousand courses to students age four until fifty-five. We believe there is no maximum age limit for our students.

We partner with tens of top schools where we deliver our courses as part of the INTRA and EXTRA curricular activities.

We cooperate with over twenty vendors to create our complex and challenging curriculum.

In Koding Next we believe that ANYONE can learn coding : Children, Teenagers, and Adults.