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Coding Club

Benefits for starting a Coding Club:

Nowadays coding education is one of the most desirable skills that parents want their children to develop.


Most of the schools in Indonesia still do not provide programming education. You can stand out.


Coding literacy helps improve students’ mathematical skills, logical thinking, analytical skills and many more.


You increase chances of your graduates in the job market.

Working with Koding Next:

We provide bilingual English and Indonesian speaking teachers.


Our program is suitable for first-timers and experienced programmers.


We teach various tech related skills besides programming: design, 3D modelling, AR and VR, mobile app development, video creations.


We teach offline (Jakarta and Bali) or online (Indonesia and beyond).


We help to choose the most suitable program for your students.

Coding Curriculum

We cover curriculum for all education stages – kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school.

We include lessons focused on different digital skills – ICT, Computer Science, Design.

We provide skilled teachers and professional equipment

We include evaluations and grading system – assessment of students performance, project presentations for parents.

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