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Popular courses
Coding courses for kids are getting popular everywhere.
Best Paid Jobs
Programmers get the highest paid jobs in the world.
National curriculum
Programming will soon become part of the national curriculum in Indonesia.
Hard for competitors to enter this sector due to the specific knowledge required.
Education technology
Education technology sector is one of the fastest growing sectors nowadays.
Coding School - Business of the future

Why Koding Next?

The biggest programming school for kids in South East Asia

Recurring clients. Over 70% of our students re-enroll for next semester

First school teaching 4-16 years old student programming

Over 8.000 students across Indonesia

We designed text books which are sold to schools in over 16 countries like UAE and Singapore

Indonesian brand created with international experts

First Roblox Education Affiliated School in Indonesia

First school teaching kids AR & VR

Partnering with Ministry of Communication to train 2.000 teachers across Indonesia

Partnering with Ministry of Education for Talent Camp Program and Competitions

Type of Franchise

  Koding Room Learning Center
Details A small branch with
1 classroom
(can be paired with your other educational institution)
Big franchise with
2 classrooms + All SOPs & Access to Curriculum
1 room Shared location At least 2 rooms.
Place dedicated for Koding Next
Koding Next ×