<strong>How Much Is A Programmer’s Salary? Fantastic. Check Out the Explanation</strong>

How Much Is A Programmer’s Salary? Fantastic. Check Out the Explanation

Nowadays, we cannot separate IT products like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even TikTok from our everyday life. IT has changed the Indonesian people’s behavior and habits.

How Much Does A Programmer’s Earn?

In the current era, the profession of a programmer is starting to be in great demand by the younger generation. Apart from having bright prospects, high salaries, and praise that a programmer usually gets, it certainly has its distinctive charm and makes many people curious about this profession and willing to try.

Since IT plays an important role today, many startup companies get into the IT business, industries form IT divisions, and universities open majors that will lead to a generation competent in the field. All of those, of course, will open more job opportunities or vacancies than before, along with the increase in new work positions offered by the companies engaged in their fields.

A programmer is a job or a profession that creates a system using a unique programming language or a code, such as Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and others.

A programmer’s responsibilities include starting analysing application requirements, creating or designing system models (Flowchart, ERD, or UML), creating programme code, conducting program testing, debugging to deploying applications to production (live).

Being a programmer means you can get a fantastic income! Especially if you can develop your skill and competence.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin are some examples of the wealthiest people in the world whose background is programming. Thanks to this, they create products that are changing the lifestyle of the world’s population. Windows, Facebook, Google, and many more, can no longer be separated from the daily human activities.

The Income of Some Programming Professions in Indonesia

Currently, a programmer’s salary in Indonesia is arguably one of the most promising ones because the average income for a fresh graduate is 4 million to 5 million. As for programmers who already have some experience, the income they can get ranges between 18 million to 40 million. 

The profession of a programmer has various positions with different tasks. The income also depends on the skills level and difficulty of tasks that a programmer performs. The following explains a programmer’s salary based on the functions or duties during employment.

  1. Application Developer

The average income earned by an Application Developer is around IDR5.5 million per month or 67 million per year. The exact amount of salary above varies and may depend on the company, region, and project size. Generally, Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi provide a higher income than other areas.

  1. Web Developer

As a web developer, you can get an average salary of around 6.2 million per month or about 75 million per year.

  1.  Mobile Developer

As a mobile developer, you can get an average salary of around 9.7 million per month. Annually, you can get 116 million.

  1. Front-End Developer

Average salary for a front-end developer in the Capital City of Jakarta is 10 million per month. Your yearly income would then be 120 million.

  1. Back-End Developer

Average salary for a back-end developer in Jakarta is 9.5 million per month. In a year, you can get an income of 114 million.

The benefits programmers gets are not separable from the efforts they make to continuously upgrade their knowledge. This helps them avoid being left behind in the IT market that is developing from time to time.

When compared by looking at the salaries programmers in Indonesia and giant technology companies abroad get, there is, of course, an enormous difference. Even so, we still have to continue developing our country for it to be able to compete with the global market, especially in the IT field.

The fantastic amount described above is the salary for several programmer positions, greatly influenced by the company, the location where the programmer works, and the programmer’s work experience. Junior programmers and senior programmers will earn differently. The more experiences and skills you have as a programmer, the higher the income you will get. What do you think of a programmer’s salary? Fantastic, isn’t it?

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