Offline Class Junior Koders

Offline Class Junior Koders

Hello, Smart Parents, Little Koders, and Junior Koders!

This time, we’d like to introduce you the Junior Koders programme. What do you think it is? What kind of program is it? Is it similar to the Little Koders programme? 

Junior Koders is a programme from Koding Next is for children aged 8-16 years old. It is prepared for children to learn such programming basics like 2D Games and Mobile Apps Development. Children will learn programming languages like Python, Javascript Web Development, or Smart Home IoT. In this advanced class, they will learn how a computer works, learn electronic basics, and develop coding skills. Available in offline and online classes, the programme is divided into some classes.  

In the online or offline classes, children will learn some material as follows.

2D & 3D design  (8-12 years old)

2d&3d design icon koding next

In this course, children will learn coding and design. They will create 2D & 3D designs using Photoshop and Tinkercad. In the class, they learn to create 3D animations, posters, and objects. This class aims at stimulating and boosting children’s creativity. 

Computing Technology (8-12 years old)

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In this class, children will learn computer science basics. The instruments used are Makey-Makey and Microbit. Children will learn electronics and hardware programming. This class is recommended for children who have basic coding skills. The lesson materials are aimed at making children understand electronic basics, how a computer works and improving children’s coding skills. 

The next ones are offline and online classes.

2D-Game Development (8-16 years old)

2D developer koding next

In this class, children will learn to design and make 2D-game codes using Scratch programming language and Construct Platform. Construct is a professional game development machine. The games it has developed are, for example, Quiz Game, Flappy Bird, Pac-Man, Alien Shooter, and many more. The lesson material aims at improving children’s creativity in designing games and understanding of the 2D-game development process flow.

Mobile Apps Development (8-16 years old)

mobile apps dev koding next

In this class, children learn cellular application programming and user interface design with supporting instruments from MIT Appinventor. They will develop applications like Translator, Alarm Clock, or mobile games playable on smartphones. The lesson material is aimed at helping children understand the application development process flow and improving their design skills at an advanced level. 

Javascript (12-16 years old)

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In Javascript class, children learn to develop websites using Javascript. They will use sophisticated features like NodeJS and ExpressJS, and integrate them with MongoDB to develop databases. Students are guided to develop professional websites at the end of the class and present their website projects. This class is designed to make children understand textual coding and Javascript.

Website Development (8-16 years old)

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Children learn to develop websites using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap programming languages. They develop simple back-ends using PHP and Database MySQL. At the end of the course, they will be able to develop a simple website with sign-in and database systems. This class aims at improving children’s problem-solving and design skills at the basic level. 

Python (8-16 years old)

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In Python class, children learn to understand Python programming language and will be guided to learn loop, function, conditional statement, and variable basic concepts. They will also be guided to develop simple game projects like Roll the Dice, Word Game, and a desktop application. This class aims at making children understand Python syntax and improving their coding skills at the advanced level. 

Roblox Game Development (12-16 years old)

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In this class, children will develop games with one of the most popular game developers in the world: Roblox. They learn programming basics using the LUA programming language and develop games in Roblox Studio. They will also develop final game projects like Race Car, Clicker, and RPG games. The advantage of this class is that children will understand the 3D game development process and textual coding more, and improve their design creativity. 

At the end of each module, children will present projects they have developed during the learning process and get a Certificate of Completion. It is really fun and beneficial, isn’t it? Smart parents, let’s train the skills of your little ones early. You can register them directly for the free trial class here.

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