Thank You for 20k Followers

Thank You for 20k Followers

Hello, Little Koders, Junior Koders, and Smart Parents. A warm greeting from Koding Next. This time we would like to announce the great news that Koding Next Instagram followers have reached more than Twenty Thousand Followers

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who have placed confidence in Koding Next to keep helping and developing Indonesia by improving the digital education in the country. The fast-growing digitalization in the country makes us more perseverant to develop a coding school for the children in the country.

It will be proof that Koding Next is trusted to keep designing creative, informative, and innovative content. The growing number of our Instagram followers motivates us to keep coming up with positive innovations to bolster the education development in the country. We will never be weary to keep educating Indonesian children to keep moving forward. 

Our vision and mission is to introduce digital education to all Indonesian children. More than eight thousand Indonesian students have signed up for the programs at our school. Our mission is to set up one Koding Next school in each province in Indonesia. It is aimed at enabling Indonesian children from Sabang to Merauke to receive a basic digital education.

Thank you and see you on the latest update of Koding Next Instagram followers in the future.

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