Coding Has Many Benefits

Coding Has Many Benefits

Hello Little Koders and Junior Koders,

We, this time, would like to introduce the first winner of the Code the Earth national coding competition for the Roblox Category: Zidni Ilman Imtiyaz from Hikmah Elementary School, Cimahi, [West Java].

Zidni, by the way, won an education trip to the United States, which Koding Next covers fully. He’s only 12 years old, but his coding skill is already excellent, and he’s created cool games. He got a laptop for the first time from his parents when he was in the second grade of elementary school. In the beginning, he learned coding when he saw a tutorial on YouTube on how to create a game. From there, he started to be interested in creating games. He not only wants to be a  gamer but also wants to make games. 

Smart Parents, Little Koders, and Junior Koders, one of the benefits of learning coding is boosting self-confidence. Zidni said, “You must try coding because it has many benefits.” He proved it. He has unshakable self-confidence because of it. He didn’t have any difficulty when presenting the project he made. Again, actually, there are a lot of benefits to learning to code.

Meanwhile, to prepare for the Code the Earth national coding competition, Zidni had no specific strategy but intensively learned coding for 2-3 hours a day and was always accompanied by his parents. Apart from that, he joined a coding class in Brickcoders. He even still had to face the test from his school when preparing for the Code the Eart national coding competition.

So, Little Koders and Junior Koders, do you want to be like Zidni? Try to be game creators, not just gamers. It’s time for you to create games for your friends. How? You can directly click this. It’s FREE!!!

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