Why Is Learning Coding Necessary For Children ?

Why Is Learning Coding Necessary For Children ?

Hi Smart Parents, why is learning coding necessary and why the children need to learn coding. How can coding can be important for children ?

1. Language Of The Future

Like English and Mandarin, coding will be the language of the 21st century. By 2030, three million programmers will be urgently needed in Indonesia to break through the major obstacles in the economic and digital development. The World Bank predicts that Indonesia will need more than nine million digital talents by 2030.

2. Developing Various Potential Skill

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Children learning coding can improve and develop some skills that can help them in math, writing, and other subjects. Learning coding can also help them boost their self-confidence at school and in a social environment.

3. An Opportunity to Be a Technology Developer

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You can change the world! By learning coding you can develop applications, robotics, and other computing programs. One of the examples is Gojek (biggest Indonesian tech company) application. It is surely one of the must-have applications on everyone’s smartphone. With this application, it is easier for everyone to commute. You most likely want be one of the people who develop applications that are useful for everyone. Sign up for a free trial and practice with us. 

4. The Most Sought-After Skill

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At the moment, coding is one of the skills most wanted by parents who would like their children to develop, because possessing coding skills can guarantee a more promising career and future overall. 

5. Improving Analytical Skill

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Coding literacy helps improve children’s mathematical abilities skills, logical thinking, analytical and many other skills. For the future, children will certainly need to possess such skills as analytical, critical and creative thinking, which they can develop by learning coding.

Indeed, many schools in Indonesia do not teach coding skills. It is our (Koding Next) concern to nurture quality digital talents for the future of Indonesian students. Now you know, why is learning coding necessary for children. To find out more about our classes, sign up for our free trial class. The class is FREE!!! 

What Is Active Coding ?

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